Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Filming Schedules and Long Term Plan

Below is our filming schedule for our short film and our long term plan for getting our film produced.

Dog Walk
Fri 3rd Dec
9-10 (period 1 and 2)
Jack & Aimee
Wed 8th Dec
Period 1 and 2
Thurs 9th Dec
To be decided
Mon 15th Dec
Period 1 and 2
Jack & Aimee
Normal House
Wed 15th Dec
Period 1 and 2
Jack & Aimee
Train Station
Mon 27th Dec
10am onwards
Jack & Aimee

Stage in production
Date to be completed by
27th Dec
24th Jan
Auxiliary tasks
18th Feb
Evaluation activities
18th March

Monday, 8 November 2010

Weather for Filming

We are planning to capture some footage for our short film this Wednesday 10th November 2010. As we are filming this short scene at the beach we need to make sure the weather is good and at the moment it looks like the weather should not be a problem for us.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Draft of Poster Ancillary Task

Within our group we have been discussing ideas for the poster of our short film. As it revolves around one character, Lucas and how one decision can change his life, we all agreed how an image of him must be on the poster. We have the idea of showing Lucas standing on the platform at the train station, as this is where he experiences the flash forwards of the different lives he could leave and where he has to make the decision upon which life to choose. Moreover, we want there to be 2 train tracks behind him leading to different directions, hence reflecting the plot of our film. We also like the concept of having Lucas as a silhouette image.

We have created a draft for our poster by using Adobe Photoshop. We found an image of a man, which we cropped to show him on his own and positioned 2 train tracks either side of him. We then placed a picture of a train as the background to the poster, making it more interesting and not so empty. This is just an idea of what we want our poster to look like, as when we create the actual one for our film, we are going to use an image of the actor who is playing our main protagonist.

Our poster includes the title of our film, the name of our production company and the tag line which is: “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever”, reflecting how whatever choice Lucas makes at the train platform – to help Grace up or get on the train – will change his life drastically.

Draft of our films poster

Film Name

At first we wanted to choose a name for our film that connotes “choices” or “decisions” as in our film the main theme is about making a choice. We did think about having a Latin name, so we translated “Decisions” into Latin which was “sentential”, “judicium”, “iudicium”, however we felt that these names sounded too magical and did not relate to the genre of the film, hence would not connect with our demograph and interest them to watch our film. We also liked the idea of having just one word for the title as well, as we believe it has more of an impact for example the name of the film “Inception” leaves quite an impression on its audience.

Finally we came up with a name and have chosen to call our film: “Intersection”. This is because it reflects a cross-road/junction which relates to our film for two reasons. Firstly, at an “intersection” you have two ways to go, which links to our film in the way Lucas has two paths and has to choose one. Moreover, Lucas has to make his life changing decision at a train station and an intersection is part of the train’s meta-language. Furthermore, the fact that the word “Intersection” is American will help our film appeal to a wider audience and promote it to the American market, thus helping to improve the success of our film.  

Friday, 22 October 2010


The costumes for our characters are very important as it can help to portray their personalities, especially as we have no dialogue within our film. So the characters clothing, their actions and the way they are conveyed by the choice of camera shots and editing is the only way for our demograph to find out about our characters. Also, as we are having shots of Lucas and Grace together in different locations, they don’t necessarily need to be wearing the same clothes, so continuity with costumes will not be an issue here. However, we want to have a contrast in clothing between the successful Lucas and the family orientated Lucas, hence creating verisimilitude.

·        Successful Lucas – Suit to connote business man and professionalism and a strict/stern lifestyle which reflects why he gets quite stressed.
·        Family orientated Lucas – Casual clothes to reflect his laid back life.
·        Grace – Casual clothing to represent a care free life.
·        A “Will You Marry Me” T-Shirt – One of the scenes in the family orientated life shows Lucas proposing to Grace, however we didn’t want him to get down on one knee as we thought that was very cliché, therefore instead we have decided upon a unique idea whereby Lucas will undo his coat to show a t-shirt which reads: “Will You Marry Me”. Again, this way of proposing reflects how Lucas is quite a fun character, which will contrast how he is portrayed in the successful life.

Lucas - casual clothing - family orientated life

Grace - casual clothing

Permissions for Filming

We are filming our train station scene at Bournemouth Train Station and we needed to get permission from the Duty Manager. We thought that we may not be able to film at the train station, due to it being a public place and especially as safety is a main issue, however we are allowed to film there as long as we do so on off peak hours.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shooting Script

We have created a shooting script which also details the shots we are anticipating to capture and the specific dialogue and non-diegetic music which will occur within our short film. As you can see it states that there is no dialogue as we believe the footage alone will convey the plot of our film and by accompanying this with relevant non-diegetic music will help to build apprehension and suspense, hence keep our demograph interested. In our shooting script we have indicated quite vaguely “shots of Lucas and Grace at the beach”, this is because in our film we are planning to show a montage of different angled shots of our characters together on the beach, yet we did not specify all of them on the shooting script, as we will decide that upon filming. However, we are planning to get a wide range of footage with multiple shots from a variety of angles, hence will help to make the editing process easier, as we will have a greater choice of shots to choose from.

Shot description
Audio and dialogue
Sweeping panning shot through the crowded train station and establishing shot to show Lucas walking onto the train platform.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Point of view shot from Lucas’ perspective as he moves through the crowd.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas’s feet running through the crowd, in fear he will miss the train.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Mid shot of Grace walking along on train platform. Grace’s face in focus, whilst everything else is out of focus, signifying her importance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Over the shoulder shot of Lucas looking out into the crowd.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Slow motion shot of the clock hand’s moving, emphasising its importance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Long shot of an empty train track, with the train approaching in the distance.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Long shot of Lucas rushing through the crowd as the train pulls up.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of the train pulling up.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Grace rushes forward and slips as her papers and bags go flying – match on action and slow motion. 
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of Lucas’ reaction to Grace falling.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Point of view pan between train and Grace on the floor, indicating how Lucas has a decision to make.
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas on train platform, cuts to 2 ghost shots, one where he walks towards Grace and the other where he walks towards the train – representing the 2 different paths.  
Diegetic sound of crowd and non-diegetic music.
Close up of shaky hand, representing a job interview.
Non-diegetic music.
Establishing shot of Grace and Lucas at a romantic meal.
Non-diegetic music.
Mid-shot of Lucas on the phone in his office.
Non-diegetic music.
Establishing shot of Grace and Lucas on the beach together.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas stressed out at work – unhappy.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas proposing to Grace – happy.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas in his mansion all on his own.
Non-diegetic music.
Shot of Lucas and Grace buying their first house together.
Non-diegetic music.
Split screen to show Lucas opening a letter in both lives.
Non-diegetic music.
Long shot of Lucas opening letter in his mansion all alone with no one to celebrate with. Long shot of Lucas opening letter with his wife. – Split Screen – contrasting the two lives.
Non-diegetic music.
Rewind time, back to Lucas standing on the train platform.
Non-diegetic music.
Close up of Lucas’ foot as he walks off - audience are left to wonder what path he has taken.
Non-diegetic music.