Monday, 8 November 2010

Weather for Filming

We are planning to capture some footage for our short film this Wednesday 10th November 2010. As we are filming this short scene at the beach we need to make sure the weather is good and at the moment it looks like the weather should not be a problem for us.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Draft of Poster Ancillary Task

Within our group we have been discussing ideas for the poster of our short film. As it revolves around one character, Lucas and how one decision can change his life, we all agreed how an image of him must be on the poster. We have the idea of showing Lucas standing on the platform at the train station, as this is where he experiences the flash forwards of the different lives he could leave and where he has to make the decision upon which life to choose. Moreover, we want there to be 2 train tracks behind him leading to different directions, hence reflecting the plot of our film. We also like the concept of having Lucas as a silhouette image.

We have created a draft for our poster by using Adobe Photoshop. We found an image of a man, which we cropped to show him on his own and positioned 2 train tracks either side of him. We then placed a picture of a train as the background to the poster, making it more interesting and not so empty. This is just an idea of what we want our poster to look like, as when we create the actual one for our film, we are going to use an image of the actor who is playing our main protagonist.

Our poster includes the title of our film, the name of our production company and the tag line which is: “Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever”, reflecting how whatever choice Lucas makes at the train platform – to help Grace up or get on the train – will change his life drastically.

Draft of our films poster

Film Name

At first we wanted to choose a name for our film that connotes “choices” or “decisions” as in our film the main theme is about making a choice. We did think about having a Latin name, so we translated “Decisions” into Latin which was “sentential”, “judicium”, “iudicium”, however we felt that these names sounded too magical and did not relate to the genre of the film, hence would not connect with our demograph and interest them to watch our film. We also liked the idea of having just one word for the title as well, as we believe it has more of an impact for example the name of the film “Inception” leaves quite an impression on its audience.

Finally we came up with a name and have chosen to call our film: “Intersection”. This is because it reflects a cross-road/junction which relates to our film for two reasons. Firstly, at an “intersection” you have two ways to go, which links to our film in the way Lucas has two paths and has to choose one. Moreover, Lucas has to make his life changing decision at a train station and an intersection is part of the train’s meta-language. Furthermore, the fact that the word “Intersection” is American will help our film appeal to a wider audience and promote it to the American market, thus helping to improve the success of our film.